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Public Hearing Notice  

Due to possible funding reductions by the State of CT, SEAT is considering major service reductions which could take effect July 1, 2018.  The proposed changes are:

  • Eliminate Night Service
  • Eliminate Sunday Service
  • Eliminate Route/Run 10 (Stonington)
  • Eliminate Route/Run 109 (St. Bernard Tripper – plan to start NL service earlier, and change Route/Runs 1/101 alignment to serve St. Bernard’s)
  • Eliminate Route/Run 121 (Three Rivers Express - plan to start NL service earlier, and change Route/Runs 1/101 alignment to serve Three Rivers)
  • Eliminate Saturday Route 101 AM Tripper
  • Eliminate Route 108 (Foxwoods) service between 10 AM to 2 PM
  • Shorten Saturday Service to 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Reduce Frequency on Saturdays for Route/Runs 8/9, 4/5 or 6, and 12/14 to every 120 minutes.
  • Increase 31 Day Pass to $60 or $68 (currently at $50)
  • Decrease 5 Day Pass to $16 (currently at $20)

Public Hearings will be held on the following dates/times at the following locations:

  • Monday, April 9, 6 PM at Norwich City Hall, Room 335 (100 Broadway Street, Norwich, CT)
  • Tuesday, April 10, 6 PM at the Groton Senior Center (102 Newtown Road, Groton, CT)
  • Wednesday, April 11, 5 PM at the Griswold Senior Center (22 Soule Street, Jewett City, CT)
  • Thursday, April 12, 6 PM at the New London City Hall (181 State Street, New London, CT)
  • Monday, April 16, 6 PM, at Stonington High School (176 South Broad Street, Pawcatuck, CT)

Comments can also be made electronically to information@seatransit.org or on our website at http://www.seatbus.com/contact-us/

Please contact us @ 860-886-2631 if you require special assistance to comment/Por favor contáctenos en 860-886-2631 si necesita asistencia especial a comentar.




Transit Funding Crisis in Connecticut

For decades, transportation programs in Connecticut (including SEAT) have been funded by a tax on gasoline and diesel fuels.  These monies go into the Special Transportation Fund.  The 25 cent gasoline tax has not changed since 2000, while vehicles have become more fuel efficient, which results in declining revenues. 

Without action from the State Legislature, there will not be enough funding for the Special Transportation Fund to cover current expenses of the State's transportation system, including SEAT.  The State has already frozen major road projects, and is proposing service reductions and fare increases for transit and rail systems.  As a result of this funding shortfall, SEAT could face a 15% cut in State funding starting July, 2018, and a 50% reduction in following years.

To absorb this proposed 15% reduction in State funding, SEAT is considering some major service reductions, such as:

  • Elimination of Sunday service
  • Elimination of All Night service (no service after 7 PM)
  • Elimination of Route/Run 10
  • Elimination of St. Bernard's Service
  • Elimination of Three Rivers Service
  • Reduced Saturday Service
  • Reduced Route/Run 8 and 9 service
  • Reduced frequency of mid-day service (from 60 minutes to 120 minute)
  • Increased cost of 31 Day Pass

A 50% reduction in State funding to SEAT would be devastating, and require major service reductions; suffice to say, transit service in SE Connecticut would be very different, and very limited, if such a reduction were to be imposed by the State.  Please note that if SEAT is required to impose service reductions, we will hold public hearings to get your input on what services should be cut.



Your voice is important!  Let your state representative and senator know how you use Public Transit and the impact reductions would have on your life.  Be sure to provide your name and address, and please try to be as specific as possible, such as “Without bus service from Norwich to New London I would be unable to get to my medical appointments”. Urge them to support funding public transit at the current levels.

Find your state legislators and their contact information by visiting


or by calling (860) 240-0100.