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Sailfest - July 14, 2018


All buses will depart Water Street at 8 am.  At the 9:00 hour, all buses will depart from the New London Shopping Center (Bank of America bus stop location.)  This will continue for the remainder of our service day.  This realignment is for Saturday service only.  Sunday all buses will resume regular services.


Please see the below for Saturday's schedule.


Sailfest - Saturday Schedule






Run 15 - New London / Waterford - Evening Service 

 Effective 2/27/17

New London / Water Street, Governor Winthrop Boulevard, Huntington Street, Jay Street, Truman Street, Bank Street, Montauk Avenue, Mitchell College, Ocean Avenue, Bank Street, Jefferson Avenue, Broad Street, Route. 85, Waterford Commons (Sprint, iParty), Route 85, Crystal Mall (Sears), Broad Street., Phillips Street, New London Shopping Center (NSA), Colman St., N. Frontage Road, New London Mall (Shop Rite), Bayonet Street, Colman St., Bank Street, Water Street

New London / Water Street 7:00 pm 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:50
Mitchell College 7:15 8:15 9:15 10:15  
Chester Street / Jefferson Avenue 7:20 8:20 9:20 10:20  
Waterford Commons 7:25 8:25 9:25 10:25  
Crystal Mall 7:30 8:30 9:30 10;30  
New London Shopping Center 7:35 8:35 9:35 10:35  
New London Mall 7:40 8:40 9:40 10:40  



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