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Route Changes Effective 12/31/18

 Route 4:  We will serve the Senior Center BY REQUEST*

 Route 7 Weekdays and Saturdays until 7PM:  Norwich AHEPA –BY REQUEST*

 Route 15:  Montauk Avenue - Fair Harbour Place - Ocean Avenue (no service to Gardner Avenue)


Note:  the previously announced changes on Routes 5 and 7 will NOT be implemented at this time.  We will continue to review.


Route 3:  Crossroads Professional Building (303 Parkway South) is now a request stop*


*call SEAT @ 860-886-2631 Option 2 for pickups, request bus operator for drop-offs.








Please contact us at 860-886-2631, option 3 if you require information in an accessible format.   Note if the links below don't work, click on the headings above for Timetables, Fares, Shopping Cart, etc.

Reasonable Modifications


What is Reasonable Modification?

The Southeast Area Transit District is committed to providing customers including those with disabilities with safe, reliable, accessible and user-friendly services.   As part of this commitment, SEAT has adopted this policy to provide a procedure for receiving, processing and responding to requests for reasonable modifications to SEAT's Policies or practices by individuals with disabilities.


On March 13, 2015, the Department of Transportation issued a Final Ruling regarding 49 CFR Parts 27 and 37 Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities; Reasonable Modification of Policies and Practices.  This ruling requires public entities providing designated public transportation services to make reasonable modifications/accommodations to policies and practices to ensure program accessibility.  The rule further requires that public entities adopt a formal process for tracking and responding to said requests for modifications.

Reasonable Modifications Request Form

  • Individuals requesting modifications shall describe what they need in order to use the service.
  • Individuals requesting modifications are not required to use the term "reasonable modification" when making a request.
  • Whenever feasible, requests for modifications shall be made and determined in advance, before SEAT is expected to provide the modified service, for example, during the Paratransit eligibility process, through customer service inquiries, or through the SEAT’s feedback process.
  • Where a request for modification cannot practicably be made and determined in advance, operating personnel shall make a determination of whether the modification should be provided at the time of the request.  Operating personnel may consult with SEAT’s management before making a determination to grant or deny the request.

SEAT will accommodate requests provided that:

  • Fundamental nature of the service, program or activity is not altered, or
  • It does not cause a direct threat to the health or safety of others, or
  • It does not result in an undue financial and administrative burden, or
  • The requester would not be able to fully use the service provided by SEAT without the modification.
  • The Reasonable Modifications Coordinator will respond to the requester within 10 days upon receipt of request via telephone and/or mail depending if additional information is needed.
  • Determination will be made and notified in writing to the requester.

 Granting a Reasonable Modification Request

  • As soon as SEAT determines that a reasonable accommodation will be provided, that decision shall be immediately communicated to the individual. This notice must be in writing in order to maintain the required information for reporting purposes.  Upon request, alternative means of response will be provided. 
  •  In choosing among alternatives for meeting nondiscrimination and accessibility requirements with respect to new, altered, or existing facilities, or designated or specified transportation services, SEAT shall give priority to those methods that offer services, programs, and activities to qualified individuals with disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Denying a Reasonable Modification Request

As soon as SEAT determines that a request for reasonable accommodation will be denied, SEAT will communicate the basis for the decision in writing to the individual requesting the modification. The explanation for the denial will clearly state:

  • the specific reasons for the denial;
  • any alternative accommodation that may create the same access to transit services as requested by the individual; and
  • the opportunity to file a complaint relative to the SEAT’s decision on the request.


If a request for reasonable modification is denied, the requester has the right to protest the decision by following SEAT's ADA denial procedures.  Copies are available upon request.  Also, a copy of the ADA protest procedures will be included with the written decision of denial.  SEAT will take, to the maximum extent possible, any other actions that may be available to them to ensure that the individual with a disability receives the services or benefits provided by SEAT that would not result in a direct threat or fundamental alteration.


There are several ways to obtain and submit a Reasonable Modification/Accommodation request form:

  • Form can be mailed by request, please call the Reasonable Modifications Request Coordinator at 860-886-2631 extension 101
  • Please contact SEAT's ADA Coordinator directly at 860-886-2631, extension 101 for alternate formats of information about ADA services.
  • Form can be downloaded:  Reasonable Modifications Request Form
  • Form can be faxed to 860-886-6097 Attn:  Reasonable Modifications Coordinator
  • Send an email to our Reasonable Modifications Request Coordinator at rgreenaway@seatransit.org
  • Call 860-886-2631 ext. 101 a request can be made over the phone
  • Mail a request to:          SEAT Reasonable Modifications
                                       21 Route 12
                                       Preston, CT 06365